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Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.

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We Need Your Support
The money, time and effort you donate to Socrates Developers goes to furthering our mission to improve the world around us every day. The concept of investing for social capital returns is at the core of the Socratic ideal.

Socrates Investment Strategy
Our investment strategy is a little unique in that we don’t take your money with the promise of a return of more money. We don’t even take your money with a promise of a tax deduction. What we do promise is that if you invest in us we will protect your investment and do everything we can to maximize your social capital gains. We do this by making sure that your money goes to lifting neighborhoods, recovering blighted homes and giving individuals and families an opportunity for home ownership that they might not otherwise have. In fact, that is our pledge to you.

Our Pledge
At Socrates Developers we pledge to use the money, time and talent that is so generously donated by our investors to provide the highest social capital return possible. We will use the donated gifts to (1) purchase more homes in underserved neighborhoods, (2) reduce renovation costs, (3) improve the performance of our homes and (4) provide those homes at an affordable price.

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Donate Materials

Building materials, tools and other equipment are always welcome! Please contact us at


If you have been inspired by what we are trying to do, I encourage you to join our movement. Our team of volunteers and professionals are dedicated to bringing this mission to deserving individuals and families throughout southeast PA and beyond. The first time you volunteer on a Socrates home project you become a bonafide member of the Socrates faithful and you will receive updates on each house we restore and when appropriate the families that move into those homes. You will also be invited to participate in our neighborhood rising cookouts, parties, etc. You will be able to see firsthand the communities that you helped to revive. Come Join Us.

Our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Demo Days – The time at the beginning of every project where we need to get down to the ‘bones’ of the house to see what needs attention. We supply the hard hats, goggles, sledge hammers and pry bar. You supply the muscle and aggression.
  • Painting Days – Once the house has been rebuilt, insulated and closed in, we have rooms upon rooms that need a fresh coat of paint. We provide everything you need to make the spaces beautiful again.
  • Curb Appeal Days – At the end of every project we turn our attention to the outside of the house. Some of the homes have small green spaces that need sprucing up and some have driveways and walkways that need some repair. Every project is different and we count on the creativity of our volunteers to make the curb appeal the best it can be.
  • Neighborhood Rising Party Days – Once the project is done it’s time to celebrate with the volunteers and neighbors. We need some party planners to schedule the event, get the word out, purchase the food, drinks, etc. and host the festivities. The party also acts as an open house for the neighbors so they can see the quality of work that Socrates provides.

If you would like become one of the Socrates volunteers follow this link and complete our volunteer application form. We will contact you with new volunteer opportunities and post them on this space.

Become a Community Partner

The generosity of our community partners has enabled Socrates to help families find strength, stability and independence through safe, decent and affordable housing. Our community partners do more than help build homes; they are providing hope and a brighter future for families and entire communities. For more information about community partnerships contact us at